Book II: About ‘Untangling’


Love isn’t always shiny. And it isn’t always forever. With the same gentle, hopeful voice that has captivated readers worldwide comes the guide for starting over. Emma Grace’s second book, Untangling, begins at an ending— and ends at a beginning. This book is for anyone navigating the beautifully complicated process of untangling the knots our love stories tie into us.

Each chapter tackles the sometimes sequential, sometimes parallel stages of healing a heart— from ‘When it all comes Tumbling Down’ to ‘Don’t you Dare Pick up that Phone.’ From ‘I Keep Forgetting I Can’t Call’ to ‘I will Never Love like this Again.’ This is a journey towards self-growth through reflection. Sprinkled with stories from her own journey, Emma will have you laughing. Reflecting. Tearing up. Letting go. But ultimately, feeling whole.

Like a conversation with a best friend, Untangling will help you find your balance again. Remind you that you’re not alone in all this. Encourage you to learn from experiences in love instead of just having them. But mostly— how to find the kind of happiness that someone else didn’t make. And a broken heart can never take.

Untangling is the book that helps you move forward without going back. That starts at an ending and ends at a beginning. And helps us each find peace with all the things we do, and did, when love was leading us. 

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Book 1: About Courage to Rise

You know those things you tell yourself when things are tough and you're all alone? That is the part of you Courage to Rise speaks to.

This is the must-read book for every girl searching for her worth— and every woman who needs reminding of hers. Courage to Rise, Emma's long-awaited first book, inspires the rising soul. It picks up where most words leave off. In the middle. In that confusing place between an ending and another beginning, between a past you no longer belong in, and a future that isn't quite ready for you.

Emma Grace has found the words for the times there are no words. And through short life letters comes the gentle, hopeful voice that has captivated readers worldwide.

World-wide release December 18, 2018.

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"i just want to tell you that your writings are wonderful. i find myself in them."

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"i so want this book. i have been reading your words for a year, and so many things you say hit home for me."

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"honestly, i come to instagram just to see your words."

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"it's as if you can see into my soul and tell me exactly what i need to hear when i need to hear it. you are becoming my religion."

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"i was in a very bad place when i first discovered your words. i don't know what it is about the messages you write, but they somehow always give me strength and reassurance that i can become a better me no matter how bad things get."

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